1LBL project team deeply understood our project needs. 1LBL research played key role in making our new product a great success. I am very happy with the results!
— Head of Strategy, Global Technology Organization

A robust business needs robust strategy. World’s leading organizations trust 1LBL Strategy Research to achieve strategic goals ranging from revenue growth, business expansion, market entry, M&A, product launch, due diligence, competitive analysis, market intelligence among other goals. Achieve your strategic goals with trusted support from your 1LBL peer researchers and consultants >>

    Popular Strategy Research Projects

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Study
  • Market Entry Plan
  • Market Intelligence
  • Due Diligence
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Business Plan
  • Company Profile
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Business Unit Strategy
  • Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • Newsletter Preparation
  • Presentation Development
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Customized Solutions for Your Strategic Needs

Whether you want to grow your customers, innovate services, launch new products, get the best out of your company resources, stay ahead of competition, stand strong against market turmoil, identify SWOT, inspire your customers or achieve other strategic goals, 1LBL peer researchers and consultants can’t wait to help you achieve your goals >>


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1LBL peer consultants & researchers fuel strategy power in world's leading organizations by helping fellow 1LBL member business leaders to stay ahead of competition, stay up-to-date on market dynamics, stay favorite of customers and grow business manifold. Let's discuss how you can achieve your strategic goals with 1LBL. Get free project proposal >>

1LBL Strategy Research Project Cases

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Strategy Research Topics: BUSINESS UNIT STRATEGY

  • Customized Market Studies: Bespoke research relating to country economic updates, vendor profiles and literature surveys on technology trends
  • Market Sectors Concise Reports: Analysis of market size, key end-user segments, future growth potential, market drivers, industry value chain, pricing, competitor dynamics and key success factors
  • Industry Snapshot: Industry analysis, analysis of key industry issues, challenges, value drivers, significant trends, patterns, recent developments, SWOT analysis, key players
  • Purchasing, Supply Chain Research
  • Market Intelligence, Market Trends, Fact Findings, Channel Checks
  • Customer/ Client Insights: Financial analysis, business proposition, position in value chain, recent company performance – revenues, margins, key growth drivers, future growth plans, revenue and growth projections, robustness of growth assumptions, company SWOT analysis
  • Periodic (weekly, quarterly, monthly, etc.) updates: Quarterly update covering financial performance, key orders and personnel changes at competitor companies. Monthly news update for senior management synthesized into a two pages document per company and suitably edited to cover only the information relevant for members of management.
  • Competitor Intelligence: Detailed annual update on competitor financials, key customers deals, performance by regions and business segments, strategic changes and declared plans.
  • Competitor Profiling, Updates and Monitoring: Business description, key company facts including: office locations, websites, major shareholders, market capitalization, business divisions, financial performance, analyst views & outlook, company strategy, analysis of company’s stated strategies, focus areas, initiatives

Strategy Research Case Topics: CORPORATE STRATEGY

  • Customized Newsletter/ Regular Intelligence:
  • Market Entry Reports: Detailed market entry strategy report covering attractive countries to focus on, pricing, distribution and sales potential under different scenarios
  • Efficient & effective insights for particular market, company, product, region, etc.
  • Briefings and rapid results for specific business information that you need
  • Trends & Updates: Identified key market trends that are favorable or threat to the client, evaluated client’s business in light of latest trends & suggested key success factors, tracked trends regularly and generated periodic trend analysis report
  • Strategic Information Insights & Briefings: Conducted interviews in 32 countries with 150 respondents including competitors, distributors, associations, government agencies, technical consultants and contractors
  • Target M&A acquisition target profile: Identified acquisition targets of a particular technology developers globally. Prepared detailed profiles of each of these companies covering parameters such as company type, revenues, subscribers information, ownership, product details, subscription rates and regional focus
  • Updates on specific products & services
  • Products & Services Analysis: Conducted research to map installed technology product by capacity range across countries. Identified, profiled and mapped the product features of potential competitors who manufacture products in targeted range
  • Benchmarking, Feasibility Studies: Market mapping, value chain analysis, market size and growth forecasts, competitive landscape – target company vs competitors, typical customer purchase pattern, preferred vendors, popularity of target companies, regulatory framework, major industry trends and expected impact on target company, determining key success factors for survival in the industry

Market Intelligence Case Topics: SALES & MARKETING

  • Customized research, analysis, profiling and updates of customers/ target companies
  • Sales, revenue, profits analysis
  • Marketing, PR, social media research
  • Target Market Information Insights
  • Industry, Game Changers Research
  • Updates on specific products & services
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Customized research answering specific questions about target companies & markets

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Strategy Consulting Case Topics: BUSINESS UNIT STRATEGY

  • Established competitive edge/ advantage through 3 step revival in supply, cost and marketing process
  • Gained 12% market share in mobile OEM segment and increased sales over peers
  • Succesfully entered and penetrated insurance market of an Asian country
  • Introduced new customer service method serving customers better than the competition resulting in revenue increase
  • Formed strategic plans that achieved results outperforming the market
  • Series of improvements across functions resulting in winning sales and market share over competition
  • Successful market plan achieving phase-wise regional growth and higher international growth
  • Set up 20% more cost efficient and 12% time efficient supply chain process through thorough vendor comparison analysis and purchasing/ procurement chart mapping

Strategy Consulting Case Topics: CORPORATE STRATEGY

  • Accelerated growth through strategy restructuring
  • Drove performance by introducing new cost & time efficient methods aligning with sales growth
  • Identified best current & future growth opportunities leading to business expansion
  • Strategy for optimal investments
  • Initiated strategic alliances by mapping & shortlisting partners most suitable for future growth perspective
  • Business plan for the successful launch of new products & services
  • Facilitated M&A deal through target market study, target company positioning, and post merger situation analysis
  • Framed CSR landscape studying peers' CSR activities vs company values together with social impact advisory

Strategy Consulting Case Topics: SALES & MARKETING

  • Set up process for sustainable new clients acquisition
  • Restructured sales process achieving revenue increase
  • Improved profitability and executed plan to achieve sustainable profitable growth
  • Innovative marketing plan resulting in higher customers volume
  • Sales framework optimizing organization-wide sales activities resulting in overall business growth
  • Combined regional sales efforts achieving organized, centralized and improved client development
  • Revenue growth through sales & marketing effectiveness

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  • Ideas leading to the development of a breakthrough product
  • Idea for enhancing marketing effectiveness resulting in winning more customers and increase in sales
  • Ideas helped in scaling manufacturing, production and distribution
  • Strategic idea improved employee productivity
  • Innovative idea to design and license by-products to multiple parties resulting in ongoing additional income
  • Idea resulting in spinning out a company to make & sell the services & products developed as a result of innovation
  • New, refreshing, effective and focussed brand message achieved 23% revenue growth over previous quarter
  • Change in product shape and color resulted in attracting 19% more customers
  • Idea to develop new services resulted in 37% higher customer response and revenue increase